Orignac bouteillevieuxcognac

Cognac hors d'âge

This exceptional cuvee is the result of a blend of the most wonderful “Eaux de Vie” of Ugni blanc from Chateau d’Orignac. It has been patiently aged for a great many years in French oak and bottled in September 2014. Only 980 bottles of this rare nectar have been produced.

Mahogany in colour, with hints of amber and bronze, this exceptional Cognac locks in all the memories of Chateau d’Orignac.

The richness of its bouquet is so expressive, subtle nuances of candied fruits, spices, liquorice and leather accompanied by a noble rancio character, all the result of decades of maturation in the oak barrels of our cellars.

On the palate, this Cognac is expressive and generous, delicate, with an elegant structure and layers of perfumed aromas. The final taste, which seems to go on forever, is one of refined oak, with hints of gingerbread, vanilla and cinnamon.

The aromatic complexity, both subtle and powerful, makes this a rare Cognac indeed, which is certainly a great privilege to taste.