Cognac Vsop «Fins Bois»

Cultivated, harvested, vinified, elaborated, aged and bottled at the Chateau.
Grape varieties : 92% Ugni Blanc and 8% Colombard.

This cognac d’Orignac is a blend of several young «eaux de vie», it offers freshness, elegance and finesse. The ageing in French oak casks is voluntarily moderated to preserve the expression of the fruit.

Tasting notes of the Winemaker :
The colour is light amber with golden tints ; it has a very fruity aromatic palate, highlights prunes and pear with floral (jasmine and acacia) hints and finishes with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

It is fresh and fruity with a soft structure and a very seductive finish

Distinctive character of the «Appellation Fins Bois», this Single Estate Grand Cru Cognac will be delicious as a long drink with tonic water or simply on the «rocks».